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Tender for the supply of Marine paint and varnish materials for ships of the GC (group of companies)

14 декабря 2023

LLC «Russian Crab» announces a tender for the supply of Marine paint and varnish materials for ships of the GC (group of companies) with a fixed price per unit of goods for a period of 2024.

Tender Notice (paint Korea) in English PDF 963.1 kb

Tender terms:

  1. Conclusion of a contract/contract for the supply of Marine paint and varnish materials for vessels of the Russian Crab Group for the period of inter-voyage maintenance and repair work in 2024, with fixed prices for 1 unit of goods for a period of 1 year./li>
  2. Quantity according to the appendices:/li> Technical specification for the painting of vessels PDF 668.2 kb
  3. Availability of the supplier’s warehouse in Busan, Korea./li>
  4. Purchase orders will be sold 5 days before the required delivery date./li>
  5. Terms of delivery: Busan, Korea, vessels of the group of companies./li>
  6. Payment terms: deferred payment — at least 30 calendar days from the date of loading (The date of the signed waybill) on board the vessel or receipt by the agent./li>
  7. The costs of delivery, storage, as well as all taxes and fees, including VAT, must be specified separately./li>
  8. Applications for the entire scope of delivery specified in the appendix are accepted for consideration./li>
  9. The winner of the tender will be the participant who offered the best terms of delivery, prices and payment for the goods./li>
  10. A Contract will be concluded with the winning company/Contract for the supply of Marine paint and varnish materials for ships of the company «Russian Crab» LLC for 2024.

Tender procedure:

  1. In case of decision to participate in the tender, you are kindly requested to send your commercial offer meeting the above requirements and your bid for the tender on the participant’s letterhead sealed by the company and signed by the company’s CEO on the form «Bid for the tender», to the address of the Russian Crab Group of companies («the Buyer») — 7B, Shilkinskaya St., Vladivostok city, 690001 and to e-mail address tender@russiancrab.ru on or before December 20, 2023.
  2. The commercial offer must be made in writing on the participant’s letterhead and signed by authorized person.
  3. Bidding deadline— December 20, 2023. Any commercial offers received after this date will not be considered.
  4. Tender date: December 22, 2023.
  5. The Buyer will consider the commercial offers of the tender participants and notify the preferred tenderer about tendering results. The Buyer is entitled not to comment on and not to inform the tender participants other than the preferred tenderer of, the results or details of non-compliance of their offers.
  6. The supplier will be selected on the terms of the best commercial offer to be determined by the Buyer at its sole discretion.

Package of documents for participation in the tender:

  • A copy of the company’s charter
  • A copy of resolution (minutes) about appointment of the sole executive body.
  • A copy of extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities issued not earlier than a month prior to the time of issue of invitation to Tender.
  • А copy of license or any other document (any permit to perform certain types of work; any document confirming membership in a self-regulatory organization) if the same is mandatory according to the law.
  • A copy of balance sheet as of the last reporting date marked by a tax authority as accepted, (or a copy of input control protocol), or certificate of application of simplified tax system.
  • A copy of statement of profit and loss as of the last reporting date marked by a tax authority as accepted, (or a copy of input control protocol), or certificate of application of simplified tax system.
  • A copy of bid for the Tender containing the undertaking in respect of commercial guarantees as per Schedule No. 2 on the participant’s letterhead.
  • A copy of Power of Attorney of the authorized signatory to the contract.

For foreign counterparties, the package of required documents is formed on a tender-to-tender basis subject to recommendations of the financial and economic and legal departments.

All documents must be certified by the company seal, signature of CEO or an attorney and stamp «True Copy». In case any document consists of several pages, each page must be certified, or the document must be laced, fastened together and certified on the place of fastening.

This Notice of Tender does not constitute а public offer. The Buyer shall not be liable for operation of postal system, work of any third parties, as well as any malperformance of computer systems, and in no circumstances will be liable for any losses of any potential participants due to non-delivery of their offers to the Buyer. All received bids and documents attached thereto will remain at the Buyer’s disposal, are not subject to return to their sender and may be stored and processed by the Buyer and its affiliates within an unlimited period of time. The Buyer may at any time cancel the tender at its own discretion. On the basis of the tendering results, if after the tender the parties enter into any relations covered by the tender, they must execute and sign a written agreement on the form proposed by the Buyer. Sending of the bid by a participant in any manner is regarded as an acceptance of the above conditions.

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